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      A Never-ending Summer

      You’re back at home, a comforting sensation surrounds you as you enter and notice its particular smell. You never really feel it when you’re home, but it welcomes you every time you return. You start to recognise the feeling of your feet on the ground – new ground, old ground – and that process of surprise and recognition repeats itself with every sense through your skin, your eyes, your ears.

      You bring your arm close to your face and try to smell any remnants of salt on your skin, you even lick a little bit hoping to taste it. A few grains of sand are still there, between your toes. You decide to postpone a shower. It feels like it’s too soon to unpack. It’s wonderful to be home. You’re also a bit sad.

      But you close your eyes and the memories are there. A few hours, days, weeks ago you were someplace else. The shine of the sun on the water. The distant voices at the beach. Covering your eyes with your hands in order to be able to see what’s on your phone screen. The pleasure of the discomfort as your body follows the surface of rocks over a sandy towel. The careless outfits. Not knowing what day it is.

      Disconnecting during the summertime is a form of self-care we are not ready to let go. As we enter the new season, we refuse to let go of the peace so quickly.

      Here’s our ode to a never-ending summer, an intention to shift priorities and, for just a little while longer, focus on enjoying a bit more what we want to do (and doing just enough of what’s expected). 

      Special thanks

      Photographer Javier Aldemunde

      Assistant Gabriel Nogueiras

      Model Kristel Magán

      Wearing Datta Farm