If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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      Founded in Barcelona in 2019, SANTA is an interior styling and textile design studio offering limited collections as well as custom, sustainably-produced textiles inspired by the landscapes of L’Empordà, home to the founders César Carcaboso and Josep Vicens. Offering a break from the hectic cityscape, SANTA envisions
      interiors as temples for serenity and restoration that breathe the same air as the calming coastlines of the Mediterranean.

      Every project and creation is envisioned as an invitation to give in to a slower life rhythm. SANTA’s textile designs are produced locally and with care so that they feel good, last for a long time and age beautifully. All production is made in small batches to prevent unnecessary waste, and the collections grow slowly and with consideration, avoiding trends, collaborating with ethical suppliers and local artisans and using only organic-certified fabrics.

      We work for our clients like we work for ourselves: creating sustainable, beautiful and exclusive designs made to order and respecting our standards of quality and sustainability. This mindset leads our decision-making at every step of the way: from materials and design to production and sourcing of pieces. We approach our collaborations with clients with an open heart and an open mind, respecting the ethos and integrity of a business, bringing our design skills and the expertise of our suppliers, local artisans and makers with us so that together we can dress your world.