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      CELEBRATING SUMMER with Alai Zimmermann

      On the occasion of Sant Joan, we talked to our friend Alai Zimmerman, a florist and
      cook, about the art of preparing a festive table with floral arrangements and
      unexpected, respectful food.

      A floral arrangement by Alai Zimmerman

      “In order to create this bouquet, I went for a walk in the countryside and I picked up
      what I liked the most. I don’t have a technique, I let myself go in a very free process
      ruled by landscapes, feelings and emotions. For me, creating a floral arrangement is
      a very intuitive process. Experiment with what makes you feel something when you
      look at it, touch it or smell it, and trust your intuition to create your own florals.”

      “Raoles”, a recipe by Alai Zimmermann

      “I have prepared a few dishes to be shared on a table – sharing brings people
      together in a festive occasion. First, I created my own version of a traditional dish
      from Menorca, Raoles. This dish is a batter preparation that is deep fried after being
      floured or breaded and can be made with minced meat, fish, vegetables or legumes
      in endless combinations. My take on it is prepared with nettles and wild, rice flour
      and beer instead, and served with aioli with marigold petals. To accompany this dish,
      I also created a beet carpaccio with arugula and edible flowers, and a side of green
      peas from my garden steamed with three different mints. Some cheese is always a
      great addition to any serving, and here I chose Tonedor goat cheese.”

      Captured by Ester Villaescusa and Alai Zimmermann

      Special thanks to Blanca Madruga