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      Based in Madrid, in the Plaza de Olavide, Maria Teresa is an interior designer whose work we’re moved by. The organic influences and exquisite execution have a strong and inviting emotional power that is hard to escape from. DSRT is her most personal project, her home, a conceptual journey through intimate landscapes that inspire and calm her soul. Join us on a visit to this captivating space, a moment in time when Santa and DSRT met in total harmony.

      “DSRT is my house, built around the idea of ​​a desert. Landscapes like this are the ones that appeal to me the most and in Madrid I don’t have access to them. That is why in this house I wanted to create my own domestic landscape where all the elements are part of the environment. This space breathes peace and tranquility.” 

      “I believe that good design never dies. Good pieces tell a story; they make a difference because in a certain way they transmit an emotion. The pieces that last over time are those that are well made, well executed and well designed. ”

      “I wanted my house to reflect everything that I am. The kitchen for me is a meeting place to eat with friends, to paint, to think of ideas and develop my projects. The living room rug is inspired by a dune with different shades of sand. On one of the walls I can see an eternal sunset over pieces of broken travertine marble. The pure volumes, which sometimes appear broken and other times raw, are reflected in mirrors throughout the space.” 

      “The house has an abrupt treatment and I have used very few materials, all natural and sometimes with sculptural qualities such as broken edges. There are stones from Almería, such as the yellow Macael marble on the kitchen counter. Also new, such as the Memphis-style wood veneer that covers the kitchen cabinets and the balcony frames. Everything in the house has an organic continuity. Like in the desert, there are no corners but rounded edges.”

      “I grew up very in touch with my creativity. Every month I would rearrange my room and I was always plotting to change the walls. Also the toys that I liked the most were those related to houses and building games. l still play a lot with them today.”


      “We are what we see. Spaces, in a way, are a continuity of us. And we always go to the places that are a home for us. That is why, for me, the most important part of any project is the concept, which has to do with people. I would say that my work is my passion and I intuitively do things with my heart.”

      “When I travel, I usually visit remote places, rocky cliffs that hide secret caves that nobody knows about. Those places, for me, are architecture, houses in areas of difficult access where I reconnect with the purity of the elements. I’ve always been interested in brutalist and minimalist architecture. But what has truly left a mark in me has undoubtedly been Almería and Cabo de Gata, where I spent my childhood. I have realized that these landscapes are the ones that inspire me the most.”

      “For me, projects are moments during a certain period of life that are full of magic. From the moment you create the concept to the moment it turns into reality, projecting ideas on blank sheets of paper is what I like. Seeing a space that you have spent months or even years designing come to life is a special feeling that is difficult to describe in words.”


      Assistant Edgardo Cuevas