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      LIVING SANTA with Alberto Dapporto

      Introducing a new edition of our #LivingSanta series featuring Italian architect and digital strategist Alberto Dapporto. Answering from Milan, he reflects on his favourite home corners and bed-time rituals. 

      Where are you answering from?

      From a bench in the park of Porta Venezia in Milan. It’s almost sunset time, and I finally feel the people are retaking the city and enjoying the pleasure of being outdoors.

      What is your favourite place at home?

      My favorite space at home is the terrace, where I spend most of my time among the plants and looking at the skyline of the city.

      And your favourite object at home?

      Some of my favourite “objects” at home are the ones that always change, flowers. And the artworks gifted to me by my friends that evoke a placid and safe memory in me.

      What’s on your bedside table?

      Only books, always one about poems and some of my favourite ones.

      Favourite morning ritual?

      I take caffe latte on my sofa, scrolling Instagram to do research.

      Favourite evening ritual?

      Gin Tonic!

      Something you always do before going to bed?

      I burn some palo santo in my bedroom hoping to dream of Maldives.

      The pleasure of waking up, or the pleasure of going to sleep?

      The pleasure of waking up on Sunday, knowing that I will be waiting for an omelette with ham and cheese.

      In the summer: blanket or no blanket?

      Always blanket.

      Pyjamas or no pyjamas?

      No pyjamas.

      Your favourite bed outside of your home?

      I remember the bed where I slept in an oasis in the Dasht-e Kavir desert, in Iran. It was a place built with earth, around a fireplace, dispersed among the sand dunes. The bed was archetypal, built from a set of carpets and enveloping fabrics. Above only the stars.

      A bedside book?

      Chroma by Derek Jarman.

      A song to go to sleep to?

      Harlem River by Kevin Morby.

      A song to wake up to?

      Amore mio di provincia by Lucio Battisti.

      What’s a dream you remember?

      When I was a child I used to dream about the interior spaces that were familiar to me completely full of water, and I pictured myself swimming inside them. It was nice to imagine myself moving around those known spaces in such a different way.