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      LIVING SANTA with Alejandra Jaimes

      Introducing a new chapter in our series #LivingSanta. Based between London and Barcelona, Alejandra Jaimes is a multidisciplinary artist from Bogotá who explores spaces through poetry and movement. 

      Where are you answering from?

      I am answering from my desk at home in Highbury. 

      What is your favourite place at home?

      My favourite place I would say is the kitchen, it is the space where we share delicious and delusional moments. 

      And your favourite object at home?

      My favourite object at the moment is a tiny frame with my young grandparents’ portrait on their trip to Chiquinquira. 

      What’s on your bedside table?

      You’ll always find a glass of water, a candle, and the book that I will be reading at the time.

      Favourite morning ritual?

      I like to stretch every morning, I usually make myself either a fruit salad or smoothie and the classic coffee always. 

      Favourite evening ritual?

      I do some skincare routine, meditate or dance for 20 minutes. It depends on my mood. 

      Something you always do before going to bed?

      Lately, I’m copying the Remedio recipe tea from Salteiro in Barcelona: Lemon, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, rosemary, and eucalyptus honey. 

      The pleasure of waking up, or the pleasure of going to sleep?

      The pleasure of waking up! Nothing like the expectation to start a new day. 

      In the summer: blanket or no blanket?

      Blanket, always! Like a soft second skin. 

      Pyjamas or no pyjamas?


      Your favourite bed outside of your home?

      I always say that I would sleep forever floating in the sea. For me that’s the best mattress ever!

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      A bedside book?

      At the moment, The Mastery of Movement by Rudolf Laban.

      A song to go to sleep to?

      Lately, Nuvoli Bianche by Federico Einaudi

      A song to wake up to?

      Lately, The Heat by Jungle.

      What’s a dream you remember?

      I never remember my dreams, sadly. But, I always wake up with this feeling of ridiculous nonsense that makes me laugh about myself. I bet they’re funny!