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      Majo and Xavi the photographer duo behind La Dichosa. They’ve been married for 8 years and together they travel the world over shooting a mix between fashion, weddings and architectural work. 

      “Our life is mainly on the go, we spend very little time at home, as every work we do is outside of our country. But we adore traveling so much, and it is a dream come true for us. Our work and life are all mixed up, so we are always working and always on holidays, let us say. We do not have proper days off, but we never have a set time to start working for example, so our day-to-day is very free and fun, and we never have a day similar to the day before.”

      Where are you answering from?

      We are currently traveling in Mexico, and at the moment we are in Hotel Terrestre in Puerto Escondido. As we love architecture and design, we try to surround ourselves with beauty, so every time we have some free time between jobs we look for inspiring locations to stay in as it helps our creativity. We take lots of ideas for our home when we go back.

      What makes you feel at home when you’re travelling?

      The fact that we are traveling together makes any place feel at home, we feel so lucky to be able to travel so much together. We have some colleagues that don’t work together with their partners and they are all the time thinking about getting back home. We feel so lucky that we can share not only the same work but the same interests, so we enjoy a lot together. When we first met, we were both thinking of moving to a different country, and travel was always at our core of being, so it is natural for us not to be in the same place all the time.

      Your favourite bed outside of your home:

      Any bed that feels like stone and has a view. Waking up or going to sleep seeing nature is just perfect. 

      The next destination you’re planning?

      We are heading to Todos Santos, also in Mexico, in a few days. But we are so excited because we are going to New York for the first time in a few weeks! We spend the summer around Europe, lots of Italy this year too, so our bellies are very happy to have pasta and gelato non stop. 

      When you are not at home, what do you miss the most about it?

      Our dog! We try to take him with us every time we can, but he’s too large to be on the plane. We also love fashion, and as we spend a lot of time traveling we miss having all our clothes in the same place 🙂

      What is the first thing you do when you arrive home?

      A pot of fresh coffee, lots of laundry and backing up all the work we did.

      What is on your bedside table, always?

      We use a relax roll-on with essential oils that calm our minds, or sometimes a pillow mist from Poetica Botanicals (it’s Xavi´s drug, really), that we spray on the pillow and bedsheets a few minutes before going to bed. And it is heaven, as the scent surrounds you. We also have a couple of books and magazines. 

      Something you always do before going to bed: 

      Spray the pillow and do some reading, usually Kinfolk magazine as we love their articles and their photography style. And, very silly us, we kiss goodnight every night since we met (even if we are angry with each other).

      The pleasure of waking up, or the pleasure of going to sleep? 

      The pleasure of waking up! Not just because of breakfast 🙂 but we have all the day ahead of us to enjoy… 

      Favourite morning ritual:  

      Majo is the one that wakes up earlier, so she does yoga and meditation and when she is about to finish, Xavi wakes up and after spending some time with the phone he prepares breakfast, which is one of the highlights of our life. We even celebrate all our special occasions with nice breakfasts! Finally, we walk our dog. 

      Favourite evening ritual:  

      Xavi starts to wake up properly in the evening, lol, so he works out and then we try to find a nice movie or series to watch. We consume lots of movies as visually it helps us find different angles to shoot – our favorites are the ones by Wes Anderson. We are firm believers that what you consume visually has a big impact on the work you produce in art, so we are very selective of this too. 

      A bedside book?

      A Kinfolk, always, but we also have some books that we are reading at the same time. At the moment Majo is reading a book by Deepak Chopra and Xavi is rereading Cabaret Biarritz, one of his favorite books. 

      A song to go to sleep to:

      The best song for us to go to sleep is the sea 🙂 Otherwise, we like to hear The Lumineers or Lana del Rey.

      A song to wake up to:

      We keep changing all the time. Now we are a bit obsessed with Jon Batiste, he has so much energy and that soul style from years ago. With his song “Freedom” you cannot stop your body from dancing out of bed. 

      What’s a dream you remember?

      Majo always remembers her dreams and it’s a fun way to start the day. She has the most random dreams, they’re like movies, so it’s impossible to say only one!

      Captured by La Dichosa