If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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      Questioning Spaces

      A visual story collaboration with Nou-Studios

      On the occasion of our encounter with Nou-Studios, we took the chance to reflect on the concept of home. We found ourselves in a studio, the most generic of all spaces, but also a room with the ability to turn into anything with just a few changes. What transforms such a generic space? What makes a kitchen? A bedroom? A home? 

      This was the starting point of a conceptual journey that was also humbling: a home is a universe of universes, a composition of worlds with similarities and disparities, a dialogue of equals. To complete this monumental answer, we reached out to friends of Santa to create the dynamism that defines a true home. 

      The result is a visual story in which we have gathered a gallery of creations that bring a special narrative to the domestic space. Our curation has been strict, considering only local artisans and designers with whom we share the respectful values at the essence of our work. All materials – like glass, clay, cotton, wood or bread – are natural, recycled and sustainable, and each piece offers unique reflections on domestic objects and production processes.

      Divided in several chapters, the imagery captures worlds that revolve around the three main actions that take place in the home: rest, sustenance and amusement. Sometimes abstract, sometimes formal, these compositions range from close-to-home depictions to editorial-like arrangements, capturing the overlapping nature of these three planes of existence.

      Curvy Stool x Curated By Curatedbyshop , Yos08b black vase x Asterisque , Brown Conical Glass Lamp x Los Objetos Decorativos , Disc Clock Black Version x Turbina Studio , Black vase Serie Algae x Yoyo Balagué , Piece above the fireplace by Turbina Studio sobre and inside, ceramics by Clara Masiá. totem by Turbina, plant and planter by Casa Protea, Dórica floor lamp by Santa & Cole , rattan armchair by Heaps & Woods with Atria pillowcase by Santa Living. On the first plane, rug by Darmoad and Yoyo Balagué ceramic spheres.

      Rug by Darmoad, Clay stool by Laia Amigó Y chair by Jorge Suárez-Kilzi. On the table, linen tablecloth Altar Sand by Santa Living , Bubbles Glass Pitcher by Curated By, Linen napkins Alai Sand by Santa Living ceramic bowl Algae series by Yoyo Balagué, bread candle holder by Pain, Ter Vase Terracota
      Clara Masiá, Red Brown Movement Candlestick by Los Objetos Decorativos with flower by Casa Protea & Zeleste lamp by Santa & Cole.
      Mush lamp by Jorge Suárez-Kilzi, ceramics by Clara Masiá, Aliioth bedding set by Santa Living, Vestigis table by Josep Vila Capdevila and, on it, Beige Degradé Glass vase Los Objetos Decorativos.
      From left to right, plant and planter by Casa Protea, table-bench by Turbina Studio, Yos 02b & Yos 14b avses by Asterisque and bread sculpture by Pain, Ankaa bedding set by Santa Living, Vestigis floor lamp by Josep Vila Capdevila and totem by Turbina. On the front, ceramic sphere by Yoyo Balagué.
      Altar Sand tablecloth by Santa Living, Cream Decay vase by Sara Regal. Hand bread sculpture by Pain, Liquid Vase by
       Valeria Vasi with flower by Casa Protea, vintage glass by Herzog Selects, Soeurs Vase and Budo bowl by Argot Studio. Carey Cutlery by Los Objetos Decorativos, and Alai Olive napkins by Santa living.
      Refix chair by Toru Barcelona , Mimesis 1 bench by Jordi Ribaudi both pieces from Gal·leria Il·lacions, Valentine Stool by Heaps & Woods and vintage candle holder by Herzog Selects
      From left to right: Dórica floor lamp by Santa&Cole, Brown Conical Glass Lamp x Los Objetos Decorativos on Totem by Turbina Studio, Vestigis Lamp by Josep Vila Capdevila, Zeleste Lamp by Santa&Cole. On the table-lamp by Turbina Studio: Bread lamp by Pain and Red Brown Movement Candlestick by Los objetos decorativos and on the floor Mush Lamp by Jorge Suárez-Kilzi.

      The team 

      Photography: Anabeluna

      Art Direction: Santa Living

      Assistant: Blai Carriet

      Location: S-NOU by NOU-STUDIOS